Our OPD Services

New parent and care of newborn babies

New mothers who have lots of queries regarding baby care and feeding are heartily welcomed and their questions are all answered in simple language, which takes away their worries. New fathers, who have lost their sleep in the course of taking care of the babies, are made to understand the physiological needs of the baby. It is also explained that it is just a matter of time and they should enjoy this period with love and patience.

Breast feeding counseling

Here we counsel every mother to breast fed their babies. Advantages of breast feeding and techniques of latching are explained to them. We support them and solve any feeding related problems associated with the breast feeding.

Well baby clinic

All babies undergo growth monitoring, developmental screening and health checkup during clinic visits. Detailed history is taken on the first visit.

Growth monitoring

Growth monitoring is an essential part of healthcare of children. Regular measurements of a child’s size are documented and plotted on a standard growth chart to determine the changes in growth. It helps to determine if the child is growing normally or it has health or nutritional problems which can be addressed immediately.

Immunisation of babies (vaccination)

We believe that “prevention is better than cure”. All required vaccines, starting from newborn to teen are available at all times at the clinic so that no one misses a dose. Immunisations are done by doctors in such a way, that kids look forward to the next visit, rather than be afraid of it.

Adolescent immunisation

Vaccination of teenage boys and girls are as important as vaccination of babies. Many parents are unaware of the vaccines for adolescents. Girls from age 9 year to 45 year can receive HPV vaccine other than regular vaccines like Hep A, Typhoid etc.Catch up vaccination can be done according to IAP, ACIP guideline.

Adult immunization (immunization for ALL)

We not only immunize the children but also the adults according to WHO, ACIP and IMA guidelines. They are Influenza, pneumococcal, DPT, MMR, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A etc.

High risk follow up

Those babies who survives after undergoing intensive care during newborn period due to prematurity and other health related problems, undergo regular follow up to minimise neurodevelopmental disability.

Nutritional counseling

Nutrition is the most vital for normal growth and development of a child. Problems faced by parents during feeding of their babies, from birth and throughout childhood are taken care of with patience.

Allergy & Asthma clinic

Allergies in children are one of the most common causes of visit to a pediatrician apart from infectious diseases. Kids, who suffer from allergies, asthma are given special care and consultation regarding control and long term prevention.

Adolescent counseling

Adolescence is a tough period of time, both for the child and the parents, which can be resolved through proper counseling and understanding.